Meet The Team


Consilium offers a purpose-built, customized team of experienced and accomplished scientists, engineers and clinicians for each assignment. Typically, the team is led by one of Consilium’s internal team members, and each team is then populated with other internal team members and/or select individuals from our external network of scientists and clinicians. A Consilium team can range in size from as small as one person working for a few weeks to as many as 40 people on a major project working over a year. Our team is well experienced in all aspects of PMTA, SE, MRPTA, and TPMF preparation, as well as general regulatory matters.

Laura Blum, MPH
Senior Data Scientist
Preston Campbell, PhD
Managing Partner, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Stan Gilliland, PhD
Managing Partner, Materials Science
Sydney Hiller, PhD
Scientific Strategist
Andrew Joyce, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Terry Kidd
Regulatory Specialist
Ramez Labib, PHD, MBA, DABT, ERT
Principal Toxicologist
Sarah Marking, MS
Managing Partner, Regulatory Science and Strategy
Lenn Murrelle, MSPH, PhD
Senior Advisors, Ret. Chief Executive Officer
Laila Noory, MPH, PMP
Senior Regulatory Strategist
Susan Plunkett, Ph.D.
Lead Analytical Chemist, CMC and HPHCs
Janice Sargent
Corporate Administrator
Sara Stamp, MS
Research Specialist
Chris Tucker, BS
Senior Engineer
Katie Vick, MS
Managing Partner, Scientific Litigation Support
Kymberly Wellons, JD
General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer