Meet The Team

Chris Tucker, BS
Senior Engineer

Chris is a Senior Engineer with Consilium Sciences, LLC, focusing on helping clients with e-vapor device R&D and regulatory studies as well as developing a regulatory narrative for the chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) section of their Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTAs) for various tobacco product categories. He specializes in tobacco and nicotine harm reduction products, including e-vapor devices, e-liquids, and pouched products.

Chris has over two decades of experience in Product Development and Engineering for FDA-regulated products. Throughout his career, he has amassed an extensive portfolio of inventions and, scientific and technical designs documented in 90+ U.S. patents. Over half of the patents generated in his work relate to the improvement of aerosol delivery devices. This experience and expertise with the complex mechanisms that contribute to aerosol formation allow him to work with clients throughout product development as well as the study design and testing of their products to help ensure the best possible outcomes.

Before joining Consilium Sciences, Chris worked at Altria Client Services in Research and Development for 18 years. During that time, he contributed to the organization as an Engineer, Scientist, and Manager researching all forms of tobacco harm reduction. Significant projects included developing the MarkTen e-cigarette, various innovative aerosol delivery devices, and strategies to reduce carbonyls in aerosol delivery devices.

Chris received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Grantham University in Kansas City, Missouri. His research has led to two publications, “Prototype e-cigarette and the capillary aerosol generator (CAG) comparison and qualification for use in subchronic inhalation exposure testing”, in Aerosol Science and Technology and “Osmotically active constituents in moist smokeless tobacco extracts” in the International Journal of Toxicology.