Meet The Team

Sara Stamp, MS
Research Specialist

Sara has almost two decades of experience in researching, analyzing, and telling the story of data. Her focus has been on translating and presenting science and data to enable sound policy development and decision making. Sara most often serves in a project management and coordination capacity on projects, as well as providing regulatory writing, quality control/quality assurance document review, and copyediting services.

Sara’s previous work in local and regional government included facilitating the development of strategies by citizen committees related to environmental, regional, and long-range planning. As a government affairs analyst for Chesterfield County, Virginia, she provided research and analysis support and facilitation to the Committee on the Future, a citizen committee tasked with selecting topics that will impact the county in 20-30 years, researching potential strategies to address impacts and plan for the change, and making recommendations for the county to consider implementing to prepare for the future challenge.

Sara earned her MS in environmental studies from the College of Charleston and her BA in environmental sciences from the University of Virginia.