Meet The Team

Andrew Joyce, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew specializes in the application of bioinformatics and high-throughput data analysis to complex problems in the life sciences.

Andrew has provided custom solutions for high-throughput post-genomic data analysis and computational modeling of biological systems in a number of settings. His ten years of biological research experience in academia and industry span a variety of application areas, including systems biology, mammalian genetics, neuroscience, toxicology and microbiology.

Earlier in his career, Andrew conducted research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University. His earlier work also included identification of molecular links to tobacco-related health effects and disease, as well as understanding the molecular basis for therapeutic response in liver disease.

Andrew has diverse and extensive wet lab experience using a variety of high- and low-throughput experimental techniques across many cell and animal model systems. With this broad range of experience, Andrew can readily bridge the gap between experimental and computational work in the life sciences. In addition, he has considerable experience in clinical trial design and statistical analysis, and he has provided scientific guidance in support of patent filing and intellectual property evaluation related to post-genomic and pharmacogenomic (PGx or personalized medicine) technologies.

Andrew received his PhD in bioinformatics from the University of California, San Diego and an AB in molecular biology from Princeton University. His research has led to nearly two dozen peer reviewed publications in leading life sciences journals.