Meet The Team

Stan Gilliland, PhD
Managing Partner, Materials Science

Stan is a Managing Partner, Materials Science with Consilium Sciences, LLC. His specialty includes investigating complex material science and addressing regulatory science through a varied background in nanotechnology, chemistry, engineering, and biotechnology.

He often leads Consilium projects by guiding clients through every step of the complex tobacco regulatory process including designing regulatory-facing studies or submitting regulatory applications. In addition to his project leadership and management expertise, he often specifically focuses on the chemistry aspects of regulatory submissions including nonclinical study design and data analytics. He is well versed in all areas of tobacco regulatory including chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC), nonclinical chemistry and toxicology studies, abuse liability assessment studies, and consumer behavior studies as well as compiling all information and studies of a PMTA into the electronic tobacco technical document (eTTD) format.

Previously, Stan worked within the Medicines for All Institute serving as the lead scientist of the Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis at Virginia Commonwealth University where he led and contributed to multiple projects. His main research focus was elucidating a fundamental understanding of, developing, and rationally producing novel solid-state ligand catalysts (e.g., palladium nanoparticles supported by graphene materials). He demonstrated excellent collaboration with University of South Carolina researchers as well as numerous pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry partners while working on a project that ultimately led to a patent for a new method of heterogenous catalyst synthesis. Stan has a visiting research associate position with Medicines for All Institute and continues to research catalysts and continuous flow synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

During his graduate studies Stan developed a diverse set of general and highly specialized material synthesis, characterization, and testing skills while researching nanomaterials for treatment of cancer. The work conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University and Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Administration Hospital allowed Stan to also gain experience in in vitro and in vivo testing of nanomaterials. Stan excels at applying his diverse set of skills and experiences to solve challenging problems requiring a multidisciplinary approach.

Stan received his BS in biotechnology from James Madison University, MS in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, and PhD in nanoscience and nanotechnology from Virginia Commonwealth University. He completed a post-doctoral training in chemical and life science engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. Stan is an author on 12 peer-reviewed publications in leading chemistry and material science journals.